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*Shipping only available on king cakes with no filling at this time.

The King Cake is a beloved part of the Mardi Gras celebration in the south. It is made with a sweet, brioche-like dough, filled with cinnamon, topped with vanilla glaze, & decorated with purple, green, and gold sugar. A small baby is hidden inside the cake, and the person who finds it in their slice is crowned the "king" or "queen" for the day.

Filling Options:

  • Strawberry Cream Cheese

  • Bavarian Cream

  • Pecan Praline Crunch

Also available in Seaside
at Modica Market!

Marrow King Cakes

12" - $45 each / $55 filled

9"  - $30 each / $35 filled

 Pickup at Marrow Private Chefs HQ (map)

$20 delivery - west 30a

$30 delivery east 30a / scenic 98

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Pickups & deliveries Saturdays from 12-4pm


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