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Fowl de Cochon: A Unique Thanksgiving Meal

Are you coming to South Walton for Thanksgiving and looking to do something simultaneously traditional and unique for your holiday meal? We can make that happen for you. This year we'll be featuring a Fowl de Cochon roulade; truly a unique Thanksgiving meal.

We start by taking a Kurobuta pork tenderloin and carving it open into a flat "sheet". Then we fill it with boudin sausage, duck sausage, turkey breast, chicken breast, and quail, roll it all up, vacuum seal it, and sous vide it for 6 hours. Finally, we sear the outside on the flat top grill. From there, it's just slice and serve.

And, of course, we've got all of the essential Thanksgiving accoutrements to go along with it - cornbread dressing, roasted squash supreme, golden mashed potatoes, southern field pea succotash, not-ya-grandmamma's green bean casserole, broccoli, cheddar, and rice casserole, and a beautiful fall salad. Oh, and pecan pie, sweet potato pie, and apple pie bread pudding for dessert.

Thanksgiving Meal

If you'd like to schedule some of this deliciousness for your family table this holiday, let us know and we'll whip some up for ya. This Thanksgiving, don't shop, cook, or clean.



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