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How To Prepare For Your Evening With A Private Chef

So you have hired a private chef for the evening - what do you do now?

The first and most important item on your checklist is to communicate with your chef and make sure that you are both clear on some key details. Every chef is different, so don't assume anything based on past experience. Here is a good checklist to run through with your chef:

  1. Do they have a specific menu for you to select from, or can you customize your menu as you like?

  2. What time will they be arriving and what time will meal service begin? Will they be bringing some items partially or fully prepped, or will they be preparing the full meal from scratch in your home?

  3. What ingredients / cookware / utensils / service ware will they be bringing and what will they plan on using from your home?

  4. Will the just be handling the cooking aspect of the meal, or will they be serving you and your guests and handling all of the kitchen cleaning as well?

  5. What will the total final cost be, with all fees, gratuities, and any other costs included?

  6. Will the chef be providing wine or alcohol with the meal as well, or is that something you need to plan separately?

  7. Can they accommodate for any dietary restrictions or allergies that you or any of your guests may have?

  8. How late/long are you able to make changes to the agreed upon menu if necessary?

By covering all of these questions and topics with your chef up front, you can ensure that you are both on the same page about the plan for the evening, allowing the chef to prepare adequately for the evening, and, most importantly, allowing you to sit back and enjoy a relaxing evening of in-home dining.

Private Chef

One final note: Chefs like to have as much space as possible to work so that we have ample room to create the perfect meal for you. If you have a nice, tidy, uncluttered kitchen ready and waiting for your chef when he/she arrives, you can bet they will be grateful.

Enjoy your evening!


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