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Private Chef Service vs. Event Catering

If you're hosting an event - large or small - hiring out the meal preparation is one way to elevate the level of your party, and to allow you more time to enjoy the festivities. So do you need a personal chef or full scale event catering - which option is right for you? What are the factors in your decision?

The biggest factor you're going to want to think about is how many guests you'll be hosting. While Marrow Private Chefs handles both, we think of anything under 25 guests as private chef service while anything over 25 guests is event catering.


Larger events tend to be a bit less intimate, and require more team members to plan and execute. Also, a private chef meal tends to be primarily focused on the meal, where as catering is mostly intended to feed a meal to guests who are attendees of a larger event, say a wedding or a conference.

Catering also offers a wider array of style options like plated meals, buffets, heavy hors d'oeuvres parties, etc. Private chef service, on the other hand, is usually a sit-down, plated and coursed meal.

So if you're hosting a family get together, a college reunion, or a bachelorette party, you're probably going to be looking at private chef options, where as for a wedding reception, corporate function, or holiday party, you're going to want to look at event catering.

Either way, Marrow Private Chefs can handle your next 30a function with ease and with smiles all around, making your event less stressful and more delicious all at the same time.


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