Tapas Parties

10+ Guests

$75 Each (tax included)

You don't have to be seated to enjoy a delicious meal. Our Tapas Party is perfect for livelier, more mobile gatherings - particularly those where the wine and cocktails are just as much of a focus as the food.

We always feature our signature "Snacks" board (pictured above) - an array of assorted charcuterie, cheeses, fruits and nuts, roasted vegetables, pickled bites, dips, and spreads. Of course all of this is complemented with crackers, house made crostinis, breads, and toasts.

In addition, we prepare seven unique bites (a menu which we will create together) - a blend of flavors and styles that will take you and your guests on a culinary journey over the course of the evening. The photos below are just some of the items we've done in the past, and we're always coming up with new tapas features.


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